Concrete Patio in Rockford, IL

You may be considering ways for you to better enjoy your backyard. Finding a space for you and your family to relax, engage and fully use, when the warmth of the summer months comes. A great way for you to start doing that, is to make the addition of a patio. You could use it for a seating area, have a barbeque or outdoor kitchen installed, or even, simply arrange some plants for you to better admire. Whatever your intentions, it is going to give your backyard a huge aesthetic upgrade. And, to maximize that upgrade, you want to know you are using a talented team with quality materials. At Rockford Concrete, that is what we are known for.

Poured Patio

Our most simplistic style of concrete patio, is the poured concrete patio. You may simply want one slab of concrete, with a plain look. It will be clean and minimal, perfectly suitable for many people. If this is the particular choice for you, then it is going to be important for you to choose a team, that you can trust for quality. You can count on us, because of our exemplary standards of workmanship. All of our poured patios are constructed with a perfectly smooth surface and consistent finish.


Stamped Patio

On the other hand, some of those who install a poured concrete patio, may want to leave a more striking aesthetic. One way to do that, would be to stamp the surface. Using our quality stamp designs, we are able to recreate the look of cobblestones, slate and a number of other materials. That can add plenty of depth to the installation and will mean it achieves the appearance that makes you feel proud. And, without having to spend any more than you need to, you can leave behind a premium design.


Paved Patio

Paving has always been a popular way to design patios. There is plenty of intricacy and interest that you can add, through thoughtful patterning in your pavers. Concrete pavers are especially great for this, due to their wide customizability. You can develop various colors and textures within each paver, to then use in one greater, overall installation. If you are interested in this more premium service, it is in your best interests to work with the most skilled and professional team. You can put your faith in us, as our design team have become the complete experts, over our many years of creative concrete patios.


Swimming Pool Patio

Having a swimming pool on your property means that you can make the most of the summer. You are obviously going to be making a serious investment into the development, so it is only right that you give it your complete attention. Finishing off the installation with a pool patio is going to make it more aesthetically effective, as well as being safer to use. When approaching the custom design of your pool patio, we will offer you various choices, in the way of shaping, color and texture.

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These are just some of the reasons why the city of Rockford knows, that we can provide the very best concreting work. You can be certain of seeing your ideas for concrete being applied and adapted, so, to produce the very best results. So, whenever you next need any help with concrete, you know who the best to call are going to be.